For oncology-related clinical trials, PES provides expert review of radiation therapy treatment plans to confirm uniformity of treatment.  Our radiation therapy quality assurance (RTQA) services mitigate variability by leveraging the expertise of experienced board-certified radiation oncologists with a specific process that reviews diagnosis, prescription, radiotherapy regimen and schedule, and other parameter recommendations.

RTQA services include:

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    Assist with the study protocol design with respect to radiation treatment plans, delivery and validation (endpoints, dose parameters, treatment volumes, etc.)

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    Collection and review of radiation treatment plan to assure concordance with clinical trial protocol

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    Management of all radiation therapy/RTQA source documents

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    Communicate directly with trial sites; serve as clinical resource for sites for RTQA-related questions

How we work

Upon notification of a newly enrolled trial subject, PES staff obtains relevant patient information and radiation treatment plans directly from the clinical site.  Our radiation oncologists review and document compliance of the radiation treatment plan to the clinical trial protocol.

Why we do this

All of our services are designed to minimize the variability of treatment and data collection performed within clinical trials.  For trials that require radiotherapy as part of the treatment protocol, it’s imperative to have Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance (RTQA) review for each of your trial subjects.