Web-Based Training for Clinical Raters and Assessors

PES designs and deploys web-based training that turns site-based clinicians into effective clinical raters and assessors. For each study we work on, we create tools and online curriculum that meet specific protocol endpoints and quickly get the site personnel up to speed.

To optimize the accuracy and consistency of data that is submitted from trial sites, Primary Endpoint Solutions can help with:

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    Trains investigators, CRO personnel, and other study personnel on the indication, administration of the data collection tools, and data capture

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    Provides all clinical raters with custom web-based training modules designed to optimize data collection accuracy

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    Administers the web-based training in the local native language when needed

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    Trains on sample collection when surrogate biological endpoints are needed

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    Establishes a database for tracking trained assessors, ensuring compliance with protocol

How we work

At the outset of a trial, PES evaluates the endpoints of a study and designs a custom web-based curriculum that is specifically adapted to educating the site-based clinicians. Trainees receive emails inviting them to complete the training. All web-based training modules are self-administered and self-paced, eliminating the need to provide costly in-person training. Site-based clinicians must complete course and test to be allowed to participate in the trial. All trainees are tracked via the online course administration platform and receive CMEs upon completion.

Why we do this

Training site-based clinicians can be expensive and inexact. Web-based training works because it’s effective, it costs less, and it persists – training modules can be revisited anytime by site-based clinical raters, instead of requiring travel to retrain site staff. Web-based training also makes it easy to onboard new clinical raters and it provides an auditable trail of clinicians that have completed training.

Interested in seeing an example of the web-based training we provide?