Clinical Supply Kit Design and Management

PES provides our clients with the design, supply, and tracking of ancillary clinical supply kits to support the successful execution of each clinical protocol we work on. Clinical supply kits can include anything from blood collection tubes for PK and biomarker analysis to prescription toothpaste for subjects enrolled in trials for oral mucositis or dry mouth/xerostomia. PES engages a network of suppliers to obtain ancillary clinical trial supplies and specialized prescription-based products to ensure the successful and easy completion of your study.

PES provides clinical trial supply logistics through:

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    Expert review of clinical trial protocol and lab manuals to recommend best options for kit components and packaging/organization

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    In-house procurement, packaging, and labeling of each trial kit and component

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    Sourcing and central warehousing of clinical trial kit components

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    Packaging and local and/or international shipping of kits to trial sites (temperature-controlled if necessary).

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    Kit inventory tracking (through unique identifiers and expiration dates) and real-time replenishment of kits/supplies to trial sites

How we work

Supplies are sent to the clinical sites upon activation and in advance of subject enrollment. All ancillary trial supply kits are resupplied in real-time based on usage and/or expiration of goods. We use only established and proven shipping providers to ensure clinical supplies arrive on time and in optimal condition. PES provides detailed tracking logs of kit usage and resupply to enable sponsors to monitor budgets in real-time.

Why we do this

The success of any clinical trial is dependent on the preparedness of the trial sites and their adherence to the protocol. More and more protocols require that patient care or sample collection kits be sent to each of the clinical trial sites. These kits standardize every aspect of sample handling and help ensure baseline patient car

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