clinical endpoint accuracy and quality

Adobe Highlights Primary Endpoint Solution’s Transformative Impact on Clinical Trials

PES leverages Adobe’s Captivate Prime learning management system to drive improvements in clinical endpoint accuracy and quality – increasing chances of clinical trial success, decreasing the cost of drug development, and accelerating clinical trial timelines.

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PES supports clinical trials by focusing on endpoint data quality, guaranteeing that your pipeline assets will have the fairest opportunity to demonstrate efficacy, gain approval, and go to market.

Focused On Your Trial’s Success

PES supports several key domains within trials, including endpoint selection, customized web-based training for all site assessors, real-time data quality review, and centralized scoring and grading of patient assessments.​Through our integrated set of services, we guarantee the highest quality endpoint data for our clients. Our primary objective is to mitigate trial risk by providing pristine data across sites and assessors. Recognizing that endpoint data quality is foundational to trial success, we customize tools and web-based training to meet specific protocol endpoints.

Trial Preparation

We serve as an extension of the sponsor’s clinical team, collaborating on all the early planning decisions that can impact the success of a trial study.

Clinical Rater Training

PES designs and deploys web-based training that turns site-based clinicians into effective clinical raters and assessors.

Data Review & Centralized Scoring

PES’s proprietary methods minimize risk and augment accrual, compliance, and retention.

Ancillary Clinical Supplies

PES provides our clients with design, supply, and tracking of ancillary clinical supply kits to support the successful execution of each clinical protocol we work on.


PES provides an expert review of radiation therapy treatment plans to confirm uniformity of treatment.


Genomics & Biomarkers

PES is frequently engaged to provide support for biomarker identification and genomics for clinical trials.

Who Is Watching Your Incoming Data?

Your pipeline assets are precious. Yet many clinical trials fail because of inconsistent and incomplete data. The cost? $4 billion goes down the drain annually due to abandoned clinical trials.

If you plan on using a CRO, PES is the independent partner that will assess and validate the endpoint data quality of all your reported data in real time. This is not the function of your CRO. It shouldn’t be. Your CRO should be focused on the things it does well: accrual, regulatory and protocol compliance, and clinical trial management.

Consistant Clinical Data Data
Consistant Clinical Data Data

Clinical trials are often derailed by inconsistent or incomplete data - PES is here to help.

Quality Clinical Trial Data
Quality Clinical Trial Data

The integrity and quality of your clinical trial data is vital to your therapy's success.

Accurate Endpoint Data
Accurate Endpoint Data

CROs don't critically assess the quality and accuracy of your endpoint data - PES does.

Watching Your Clinical Trial Data
Watching Your Clinical Trial Data

Run your trial with high confidence and peace of mind - PES is watching your data.

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